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I am wondering if you help people who do not have money to pay the rent. My daughter's husband has left her and took the rent money. My husband & I are not in a position to help her. I am reaching out to everyone trying to get her rent paid. I live in Pine Grove MHP and know that you have helped people in the past. If you are not the correct people to talk with, could you put me in touch of whoever it is.
Thank you so much!
Brenda Woods
603-352-0570 home
603-762-3154 cell
603-352-3200 work
Thank you again.
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Hello I am a single mother of 4 beautiful children that shouldn't have to deal with everyday struggles this world has laid at our doorstep. I work at my childrens school so momma can keep their hours and so that I can know my children are safe before during and after school. Although this advantage is wonderful momma only makes 756.00 a month. I have never asked for help from anyone I just need a miracle this year and a guardian angel to help my family this year to help me provide my children a magical Christmas...please. thank you so very much and God Bless You. Christina
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Rubina   in reply to Soup Kitchen Volunteer
I would like to get involved in helping soup kitchen services.I live in Conshohocken.Today is Thanksgiving and I did want to donate ThanksGiving dinner for a family but I had no idea how to go about it.On christmas I want to do that too.So please guide me how to go about it.Thanks.Ruby
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I am a stroke survivor x2, and am wondering if anyone knows of where to get help with funding for a medical device to help me walk. My insurance does not cover what I need. I need this device so I can return to working. Please send info. if you can. Desperate for help.
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Dear Sirs,
I am really not sure if I have come to the right site. I am a hard working father of 3. 2 boys and and a girl. My oldest is 20 and we are trying to get him back in school. He is a brilliant boy who absolutely loves electronics and can do more with computers than just about anybody I know. He has dreams of becoming a programmer and/or computer engineer. My younger boy is in high school and is an all around good athlete, (running, soccer, hockey, and rock climbing). My daughter is 13 and is disabled. She is always going through one form of therapy or another. She is as sweet as they get.
Although I have a good job and I work hard every month in the oil field, I have had a difficult time getting ahead. I have not always done so well. Now, for the past few years, I have always been playing catch up. If there was a way I could get some financial assistance, I am sure I would be able to start saving and provide a solid future for the kids. I would like to be able to send my eldest to college and keep my younger boy playing sports which get more expensive all the time. I certainly would like to get the very best care for my daughter and continue to dig through the medical side to maybe, with God's help, find ways to better enrich her life.
I am not in the habit of asking for help, and this has been a difficult thing to come to terms with. I just look at my children and can't help but think of how bad I want to give them a brighter future. Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to take a glimpse into my family. Any Help at all would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

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Look I am not here because I need help. If you see this post and you live in Jacksonville Fl and you need some shoes a jacket etc. (mostly women) clothing, some young men things (this is NO joke) for the needy NOT the greedy. Ok now, my next subject. Consider what we spend on courthouses, jails, Sports teams, streets/ highways, juvenile facilities, while these things are needed, there really seems to be very little talk/ action or concern about prevention (Teen crime, pregnancy etc) or even the current condition of American kids/ teenagers? The true root of the problems they face are a direct result of absent fathers. Theft, home invasion, drug-dealing, robbery, prostitution, addiction, pregnancy, school drop-outs and even the horrible dress-code, a direct result of absent fathers. The jails, juvenile centers are over-flowing with our young men, and honestly I feel like county and state agencies love this. We are faith-based commuity driven NEW 501(c)3 95% of what we do is secular. Simple fact is this country was founded on basic Godly and biblical principles. We help teens/ youth to learn money management, Horticulture gardening, health, nutrition, future planning, movie and video production. Arts/ culture, academic tutoring, cooking, music recording studios, sports, coaching and referee training. Pro abstinence and more, changing negative ideas children and teens have about dress-code, sexuality, drugs, teaching alternatives to welfare section 8. Assisting young crime victims and offenders, Job Searching (computer access), limited transportation. Helping/ feeding homeless offering programs to educate and help youth/ teens mature into adults who contribute positively to society. (FREE FREE) Our doors will never close because problems never stop. Will you JOIN us today? Today we start prevention. thank you Benjamin
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My name is Kyle i have recently been laid off from work due to the cold weather. i live in Maine with my Wife that is four months pregnant and our 3 1/2 year old son. We have recently became homeless due to i could not pay the bills. To make it better i hurt my knee trying to help my friend cut some wood to make some money for my family. I really don't like to ask for help but i have no other options my family has been helping us and can not for much longer if there is anyone out there that could you can go to this website and read how please and god bless.
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Hi my name is Diane and I'm a single disabled mother of two children who lives on a disability check .My kids farther pays his child support only when he's brought into court.The past two months my childrens father failed to pay child support and I have filed papers to bring him into court but it won't be till after christmas.I don't know how I'm going to be able to provide christmas for my children.I'm writting on this site in hope that someone will read this and decide to help.I don't know wher else to turn.please someone help me so I don't have to explain to my kids why santa won't be visiting them this year.If you can help me and my family please email me at
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Dear brother in jesus,Iam from south India,Dharmapuri,Rendering service to the differently abled children,especially the mentally challenged,deaf and blind,need your assistence and guidence to help this helpless for better independent living in the society.Inorder to become independent in the society,we wanted to self support our programmes by having Income generating schemes,sothat we need not dependent on the doners all the time.Thus we wanted to start some programmes,with this we wanted to become independent.
1.Dairy farm it needs a shed grass,and purchase of 3 cows and one male cow,it may cost around Rs:6,35,000
2.paper cupping making,the mechinary costs7,00,000

To do the wok we have cured Lepers,ang the mentally ill patients and the physically challenged children.


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Your foundation should not be making political endorsements and expect not to pay taxes.
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My name is Anthony Davidson me my wife are disabled on asmall fixed income.we thought we had a opportunity to buy aplace for us and our six children .we paid our mortgage on time every month always paid our bills.but when we moved in the people in this remote area asked us why we moved here who do we know. We said found it in the we started getting harrassed.they called child protective services over and over again.they would drive by on their golf carts and throw cans of food at us and my kids yelling now you have something to eat which we recieve foodstamps.our kids never went hungry all six of they kept doing worse things to us. One day we were eating lunch in our front yard it was sonic frie and hamburgers so one of them drove by on a golf cart and sprayed us and our food whith a fire extinguisher. The cop that came out like all the other times said he was only joking.same as the gunshots the officer said he was only joking it was firecrackers but it was gunfire for we seen the gun out of his window shooting over our home and us. Then thei r friend which is a detective came to our house
And told me and my wife next time you call the law on these people you and your wife will go to jail for harrassing these people by calling the law on them. One weak later they burned our home down.that was october the sixth at about three to four in the mourning then we were told to leave or we will dissapear lik the missing jamison family from eufaula oklahoma.we cannot afford another down payment we cant find anything to rent we need help.i dont know who to turn to if anyone can help please our phone number is 9181-918-843-1288. We only had two years left to pay it off but now we have nothing after paying 35.000
Dollars and our belongings.and out photos everythings gone please lord we need help bad.this is hard for me but i am swallowing what pride i have left and am pleading for help.god bless sincerily anthony davidson and my wife and six kids
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RCV2007   in reply to mumsan
I'm from Springfield Ma how can I register
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mumsan   in reply to RCV2007
This foundation can only contribute to registered 501(c)3 charities
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New Address: 150 East 58th St., 16th Floor, NY, NY, 10155
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linda641   in reply to KinseyNicole
thats weird, my sister lives in worden mt. about 30 minutes or so from billings.
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linda641   in reply to KinseyNicole
where are you located
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Hi, im a single mom to two boys under the age of two.Im currently living with my mother.My boys dad was killed in Jan. of this year.Im tryin my hardest to do what I need to do for my kids and myself. My mothers landlord is giving me 72 hours to get outta here due to her not agreeing with my mother,two little sisters,my boys an myself all living in going to school for my ged..trying to find a the mean time i dont know where me and my kids are going to go once this 72 hour mark hits..does anyone know of any resources or something that would prevent us from going homeless?pleeeeaaaassee someone help me
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