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To The Amaturo Family:
Grazie per aver portato "l'offerta degli Angeli" dalla Galleria degli Uffizi di Firenze, al Museum of Art di Fort Lauderdale. Questo è molto gentile da parte soprattutto per questo, il nostro tempo Santissima dell'anno.
Too many Americans have not had the chance, or perhaps not taken the time to visit the beauties of the world that are only to be found in Italy. It is a wonderful thing that this exhibit will move from Florida to Penn. for even more to see. I am now in my 90s and am planning another trip across the Atlantic by boat. It is difficult to find one like I once took when younger; the smaller ships of the Italian Line like the "Raffaello" and the "Michelangelo."
Outreach is an important part of living. What the Amaturo Family has done will reach farther than they may ever know. The act of giving is made clear to all of us in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Every Pope and most Ministers have spoken to this subject. Mat:6 makes it very clear.
I have grown seriously concerned about the ways in which money given is used and in too many cases not used. Katrina and Haiti are both very sad examples of this. Do you know where the money has gone that you sent when you "Texted Katrina" or "Texted Haiti?" Those of you more able and willing to send larger sums than the 10 dollars, do you know where that money is and if it has even been used for the intended purpose? I had some of my people research this and I nearly wept.
Since the devastation of Katrina we have researched who is doing what and with so little. There are six that we truly appreciate.
Mr. Amaturo, you too may appreciate this. I think that all of the NIAF will like this too. One that we have followed and works to save the lives of American children is Focus Adolescent Services, We have kept in touch with them in our limited way. Sadly, they have almost two Million people coming to their web site every year for help and the numbers are growing, despite their hard work. They also run a free help line for parents and professionals. I have been told that they are now reaching over 100 countries.
They need money to keep their help line running. When they started about 20 years back they invited all with the same "Mission" and "Goals" to join together. They suggested dropping names, and egos and working together in large numbers to accomplish more. They said they would give-up their names and work with any and all. To this they had no takers.
I do know that these are hard times for more people than we really know. Can we all just support one or two with one or two dollars? When I read that one in four American children goes to bed hungry, this in the greatest country on earth....
Reach out, have your children reach out; that is a valuable lesson for young people. Have them give of themselves and their time. There are soup kitchens and too much more, call your church or any church to find a place to do a kind act.
We Americans have the largest hearts in the world. Please show care about who you give too and I mean even to those who have been taking money for 100 years. If you want the names of the others that we have found just email me.
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Respected sir/Madam
This is Deaf and Dumb children org. Till today we are running with small donations from public , welwishers support,and loans. We haven't any Govt/abroad aid till today, we got 80G,12A and FCRA last year, In these days we are facing crisis due to maintainance, so that kindly advise or do needful action how we can get fund for these disabled children for the maintainance for their bright future.
Thank u
Mr. Prasad
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Dear Foundation,
My husband and I had the GREAT pleasure to appreciate, one more time, the performance of the performing arts company WORD FOR WORD, coming all the way from San Francisco to France, and, in Angers, our city, last night ! What a thrill to discover each year a new novel by a different short stories writer "theatralized" in a wonderfull and so creative way ! This year, we enjoyed the novel "Sorry Fugu" by T. C. Boyle and laughed and laught , so good was their game ! ! ! Thank you to the foundation who helps them to visit us every year ! We are very much looking forward to their coming next year !
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I am the founder of a no making organization which is named Hope For Nations to work in sectors of education, agriculture, social assistance to children, disabled people. I need some to sponsor this organization. We are based at Uvira, in DR Congo.
Thanks in advance
Kisubi Shabani Lumumba
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i am sivakumar i am hearing handicapped person i am middle class family i am working as data coder salary monthly get money indian rupees monthly 3000 per month this salary not benefit enough. i know tamil. english read and write no speak please kindly help me money do needful
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i just need a lil help i have never been on my own before and now im homeless with no family that cares
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theothersideofthe family
You might be interested in my blog, The Pauley Principle ( We are at the other end of the Pauley financial scale but believe in the same principles of hard work and sharing the wealth. Starting this year, we are providing a local farm market in the southern Ohio foothills of Appalachia for the underserved in our area. Our registered market, Old Homestead Farm Market, provides cottage food items and homegrown veggies.
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I am the mother of six children and three years ago their father passed away in a car wreck. Me and their dad was never married but the kids were eligible for ssi survivor benefits. I was approved for the section 8 program but they dont pay much i'm still paying over 400 monthly in rent. Plus finding a house that will rent through section 8 is almost impossible. I had to settle for a very small trailer that is way to small. I dont have good credit, i can't work because i have no help with the kids from my family or their fathers family, and i DESPERATLY need new living conditions. I was wondering if their was some kindof family assistance or any goverment programs that could help me. I need a loan to buy a house for these kids. It kills me having to throw their money away every month on rent. Plus i want them to be able to grow up in the same house without having to move from place to place. I dont know what to do but i do know my kids deserve better than this. I take excellent care of my kids but im losing hope i really need out of the living situation im in. Any advice or information will be greatly appreciated!!!!
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Saludos amigos y amigas. Trabajo para una escuela de orientación comunitaria en Ciudad Sandino, Managua, Nicaragua. Ando buscando apoyo para mejorar las condiciones de infraestructura y ambientación de la misma. Pueden indicarme de que forma puedo contactarles y presentar una propuesta de proyeco?
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unlucky boy
hello ! i don't know better english, but i want to say all my name is sajid i live in india i have 4 sister my father clarnet play in band but now my father is very ill my father is thyroid cancer but i have no money no job no food, sorry i am not parfect in english but understand my feelings, please please please give me money or job my father treatment because we loved very much our father, thank u, i waiting your help, my mobile no. 9897584700(india) plz help me fast because father is very serious condi
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 in response to Anonymous40784...   He was self employed, he had a term life insurance plan and cancelled it in July because the premiums tripled because he was a smoker, he had plenty of accidental insurance, but, he didn't pass away due an accident...he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer on Friday 13 and within 21 days, his life was taken from me.
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 in response to empty-hearted...   

I am so sorry for your loss.

Did he have life insurance policies (personal & one at work)?

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I'm 50 years old, my husband was the sole provider in this household, he passed away February 3, 2012, I am devastated!!! WE have been together for 25 years and he has been my support, strength and my life long partner. I don't know how I'm going to make it without him by my side, but I also don't know how I'm going to keep our home and pay the household expenses without him. I stopped working in 2009, to care for our Grandbaby, so my daughter could continue her career to become a paramedic. I can't find anyone that will help me...Social Security will not kick in until I'm 60, what good is this. I have applied for a few jobs, but they few and far between. Can anyone give me some advice on what charities, I can contact that will help me. I just need a helping hand, I am lost in this world and I don't have anyone to turn to for financial help!
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We are looking for about $7,500 to run a full immersion literacy summer camp for children who reside in a lower socio-economic/high crime area of the city. We have funding to run the program during the school year but not the summer and we have noticed that a large number of our students lose skills during the summer. We plan to read books and do other projects that increase their interest such as making a full sized paper mache tree and triffle tarts from Wind in the Willows. The money is to pay for staffing and supplies.
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I am a single mother looking to re-enter the workforce. My problem is that I have no money for child care. I have been on the waiting lists for my local Department of Human Services and Headstart for nearly 2 years. Are there any other methods by which I can attain child care assistance to go back to work?
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Hi Good Samaritans,

I am a single mother of two boys. Have a full time job that doesn't pay much to provide for my family here in Virginia. I am also in the army reserve and going to school fulltime. I have a passion for cooking and so what a better way to pursue an education in Culinary Arts. I hope someday to be a great Chef. I am here because I am real desperate. I been praying for an answer and while here at work something told me to look up online and I stumble upon this site. Please whoever you are out there I sincerely ask for your help. I am real stressed as to how to provide for my family. Rent, bills, groceries are my constant worries. I still perform well at work and school but at home I feel like I can't go on. I feel so helpless and when my kids are away in school I reflect and cry on how my life has come to this but I will not give up. I will keep on driving towards a better future for my kids and I. I'll still work hard and work on my goal and dreams to make them a reality. Please whoever you are, I humbly and sincerely ask for your help in getting myself back on track with my finances and finally get some peaceful sleep at nights. Please help me with my rent, electricity and groceries please. You will not regret helping me, because I will pursue my degree, find a better job and pay you back please. As of now all I can offer you in return are my endless prayers for your humblness. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God Bless You.
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my husbaned died jan 24th 2012 at only 45yrs old he was taken by ambulance to hospital on jan 15th 2012 after colapsing at kitchen tables while doimg breathing

treatment for astma. and he died 9 days later. he has been sole support of this household for 3 years. we have tempory custody of our 6yr old

grandaughter (mother incarserated and father unknown)i have not a dime now. sold almost all our possetions to pay for jons funeral. i gata

job i start next week but what do i do for rent and bills fixin to be turned off and due now please can you help us. we could find no one to help buriel please some one tell me what if any help may be found in oklahoma
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Dooda's momma
I am a 33 year old mother of an 16 month old son...I was misdiagnosed in 2006 and 3 weeks after having my baby found out I have a Very Rate cancer called myoepithelial the present time I have been told there is only 2 cases in the world! Therefore, they don't know much about my cancer...I traveled to Md Anderson cause drs here in Louisiana said they didn't know enuff and referred me to Md Anderson...was in clinical trial on Medicaid, but was finally taken off trial cause I was throwing up blood in which they put a scope down my nose into my throat and into my stomach and another scope down my throat into my lungs...from the pregnancies the hormones made the tumors grow like wild flowers...went from 3 to almost 30 now and 3 in each of my lung and one by my heart! I watched my mother & father get shot in front of me when I was a young child...only 2, my mother lived, but my father passed away...I know the pain and suffering losing a parent can and will cause...been there, done that & I want so much more for my child! He and I have a VERY special bond...I am w/ him 24/7...well I couldn't afford to continue to go back in forth to Md Anderson and in the beginning I was staying w/ my moms brother, who eventually moved cause of wrk reasons so we was then staying in hotels and like i said, it became too expensive and I still had bills back at home in I'm taking a turn for the worse...I went from 3 chemo drugs to 2, now I'm down to one...had bad reaction to the doxil, then now the avastin has caused me to have sum type of syndrome to where I now have a hole in my kidneys and I'm peeing out 3 plus protein and losing all electrolytes...such as potassium, magnesium, and now my dr cancelled my other chemo torisel for a few weeks and I'm waiting to get another pet scan this week Jan 27th, 2012...the kidney specialist is VERY concerned cause he just got a copy of my labs from
Chemo dr and said that my potassium is so low, it's 2 point something and if it drops a few points lower my heart can fail and incan
have nerve damage/ instead of getting the torisel this past Thurs. my chemo dr gave me potassium etc thru my port AGAIN...we just did this few weeks ago and when I returned few days later it was lower than before they gave it to me thru my he tried it again, and also tripled up on my potassium pills and doubled up on my magnesium and calcium pills! My kidney specialist sets up to go get an renal ultrasound of kidneys Wed at another hospital and also wants me to do a kidney biopsy and last thing he wants me to do a 24 hr urine collection and keep container in a styrofoam ice chest and then drop off st lab following day! I am
Swelling Sooooo bad! First it started w/ feet/ankles, now it's everywhere...primary dr told me to try compression stockings & to keep feet and head elevated, but no luck...been going on few days before X-Mas Eve( the swelling & only getting worse)...I can't work, I am now disabled and the amount of my check doesn't even pay the rent! On top of that I have a 16 month old son! He is my works and I try my best to not let him see my suffer or b in pain or even cry from all the stress and worry! As much as I've been thru in my life time, this is BY FAR THE HSRDEST THING I'VE EVER HAD TO GO THRU! I've asked so many ppl to guide me in the directions to get sum type of help/assistance...I can't lie, the cancer center have me a gas card once to help me get to MD Anderson! I just know there has to b more out there to help ppl in my situation! I feel like my time is limited so I'm trying to spend as much quality time w/ my son as possible, but lately I've been in drs offices trying to get referrals to even get into a new cancer center cause I can not afford to go to MD Anderson, abd my primary dr already put calls into West Jeff, Our Lady of the Lordes, LSU, Tulane, but they all say there's a problem...they don't take mecicaid, or if they do take it, they already took the limit they can accept, it's always one excuse after another...I've already been on the news w/ Mr. Dennis Woltetine in hopes of finding a dr abd letting ppl know we set up a donation acct at any capital one bank and all they need to do is go to any capital one branch and tell them they would like to donate to Crystal Raines-Slaughter donation acct. That acct has only $12 and so many cents in it right medical expenses aren't cheap when certain test aren't covered by Medicaid and then travel expenses, such as gas, hotel, food, parking etc. what money we did get helped out and I was sooo appreciative, but it just didn't last! That was like a year ago! Now searching for something for anything that can help me! I want to live! I want to raise my son! I'm NOT ready to die!!! My primary dr called me few days ago and said lets keep our fingers crossed cause she's been trying to reach this certain lady over East Jefferson Hospital, which is now affiliated w/ MD Anderson so they faxed over sum release papers in which I quickly signed & they faxed I'm just waiting & praying that they accept me...she already sent over sum of my paperwork! I have to go to ER first thing in a.m cause the swelling is getting so worse, I'd hate to die b4 I get into this hospital! I have a good feeling bout this one! PLZ pray they accept me & if u know of ANY programs, grants, anything that can assist me right now while cause having too many complications and so weak and I'm he alone w/ my 16 month old son all day, everyday so it's hard for me to do much research! That's y I'm up at this time in the a.m right now cause once he's up at 7:30, it's all about him! I can never find time to do much researching for any assistance...may it be w/ rent, utilities, food, diapers, clothing, gift cards, grants, help w/ cancer expenses that add up soooo quickly, hospital bills cause Medicaid don't cover everything so I have to make payment arrangements, and help w/ certain test that Medicaid don't pay for like the pet scan that I'm bout to have to get again on 27th of this month! That alone is almost $3,000.00! PLZ if u know of ANYTHING, pass the info to me...I greatly appreciate it! My email address is Also I know they say don't say ur real name, but I truly believe in good ppl out there and if they don't know
of any info that can help me, maybe yall can spread the word about the donation acct at any capital one bank...I already listed my name and explained how it works...u can also goggle the story by Dennis Wolterine think it was channel 6 or 4 New Orleans Louisiana news...u can actually see my previous baby boy too! He was only like 3 months old then and it was also published in the Slidell local paper...front page! There's 2 diff Slidell local pages, it's not the Slidell sentry, but the other one...I wanna say Slidell memory is really terrible cause I have 2 tumors on my head and the rest r all over! It's now metastatic! I am married, but my husband hasn't been able to work cause I can't drive and he has to drive me to all these appt's! It's been so rough! PLZ if this has touched u in any way, PLZ help us so we can get ourselves back on track and not have so many extra worries! Thnx again & may God Bless!!!
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Hi my name is shem sanders im a single parent with 3 kids. I had a house fire and i lost every thing im working a part time job and right now im homeless living house to house with my girls the city is taking me to court about my house i have fines plus they give me a few months to fix the house up i dont have any extra cash to fix my house up i didnt have insurance is there anybody out there can help me financially my house was about 10,000 WORTH OF DAMAGE if so you can call me at 217-201-2532
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