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MyAnabella   in reply to Louise23
Thank you for the advice. I really appreciate it... I'll have to look into some other options... God bless
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Louise23   in reply to MyAnabella
if you get a shut off notice .. emergency assistance should help or call salvation army.. but you need a shut of notice from you power company.. Good Luck Friend..
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I am a single mother of two amazing children!! I am unable to work because of the pain I am constantly in from being in an abusive relationship. I'm reaching out and asking for help with our power bill? I am in a need and have no idea where to turn!! I've applied for disability, I'm just going through all the processes. Thank you for letting me speak my mind.
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littlelacie   in reply to Richta
The Wizard has not been on this site since 2010,we do not know how to contact him.We do not give anyone grants and do not know if any resources have any grants to help with replicating an 1892 switching tower,sorry.
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I'm with the Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp., a not for profit museum, We plan on replicating a 1892 switching tower and need to raise $40,000. Is there any grants for this purpose?
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PLEASE help in my race against time
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We need funding so we can work globally between the cracks to bring the world into the 22nd Century. Art is on benefit sale at
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Hello my name is Gina I'm needing help with me and my two kids so we can get a place to live a car and furninshing for our home I'm homeless and cannot seem to find help anywhere I've been to resources I my community and everything nm othing helps please so.eone help me. Help my kids and I get back on our feet please need help my fundraiser link is
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Help my kids and I get back on our feet please need help my fundraiser link is
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littlelacie   in reply to DottySC
hi,he has not been on here for almost a year.if you have any other way to contact him,that might work. have a good one!
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Is Bannerman Foundation no longer donating?
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sandra35   in reply to Lefty234
Hi Lifty!! So sorry! You are going such tough times. Here we understand your pain and hope today is better for you and your family. Aidpage is a site that cares and shares our griefs and concerns with each other. We are glad you came here and hope you have experience with Our family on Aidpage. We work hard to respect everyone of our family members here. Hope you tell others about this site as this would be so appreciated. I have found Aidpage to be helpful as I had gone through some stress myself. Over the years I have lost 3 family members here. I am still sadden by this... I hope today YOU have found help and hope for your future. Please feel free to keep Us All posted as to how you are doing. Remember: Aidpage is the site for All those that are in need and need GOOD and honest friends. May GOD bless YOU!! Sandra35
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littlelacie   in reply to Southerncross
I'm sorry, the Wizard has not been on this site for over four years. We do not know of any resources that will help you pay for your new facility.
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SCCI is proud to announce they have located a 17.83 parcel of land in Arcadia, Florida DeSoto County. We now need your help in procuring it. SCCI is a Non-Denominational Organization that will provide over 160 jobs to the local area. SCCI will provide a Therapeutic Educational Stem Charter School to over 250 students. Early Intervention thru 12 grade. Our focus and goals are to provide a student regardless of learning abilities the best educational program that will fit each child needs. Raising them to become the next successful entrepreneur. Also located on the campus is 5 Homelike Housing Unit Siblings Groups, Pregnant Teens, 9 yrs. to 21. SCCI goals are to provide a safe heaven for children/young adults while reunification becomes available.
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How can I apply for a grant from the John W Carson Foundation for my non-profit organization? Joanne
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miriamarevalo   in reply to teeej
Children of Refugees is a 501c.3 Charity Tax-Exempt by the IRs since 1997.Helping under privileged children and their families through our programs.
Medical Care,Education,Social service work.
we are looking for Angels for sponsor ship for the children we work with.For christmas so they can have a new toy and food on Christmas day.if you like to help please let me know.
We want to wish you all a very blessed Holiday season.
May all your wishes come true for 2015,
Thank you
Miriam Arevalo and the Children
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How can I apply for a grant from Margaret T. Morris Foundation for my non-profit organization?
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You own royalty rights to the tonight show staring Johnny Carson. Will they ever be seen on tv again
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I am disabled with low income and I need someone 2 times per month to clean my apartment. I live in Clearwater FL
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The girl child in Africa Kenya Mombasa, especially in the village set up is yet to be set free from early marriage so the rate of school drop out for girls is very high. This has affect the growth and the progress of the communities in this region such that even performance in schools is very low. Poverty is also plays a major role in this and sometimes you find girls not going to school when they are in their menstruation this is because they cannot afford a sanitary towel. Our Government is really trying to provide but the need is overwhelming.
Our organization Faulu Tana Women Programme is a non profit organization with a membership of a few lady's whose passion to see the girl in school. Our desire is to get partners to support our course and objectives. Besides sanitary towels we also train on life skills, motivation and empowerment program mes for girls aged between 13yrs - 19yrs.
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