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romalyn flores
Good day! I, Romalyn Disonglo, a mother of 5 children, I'm asking for your support. Two children are in high school the other two are in elementary and one in kindergarten. My husband is a pedicab driver and we are not able to sustain their education. My children's dream is to be able to finish college but because of our low income my husband and I are not able to support them. I am asking for your financial support for their education. I am hoping that you can support us to reach the dreams of our children. Thank you and may God bless you.
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Hello I am Joyce Ann Gierza from Philippines and I have one child age 3 years old. Only my husband has a work and I'm trying to find a job to help him but here in the Philippines is very difficult to find a job. My family wants a simple home but we cannot afford to buy because of financial problem. Please help me to buy a house for my family. If you can help us in any way please contact me at Thank you and God bless.
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Well, were to start? I am finally desperate enough to type in a google search asking if there is anyone willing to take a chance on me. I ended up here and after reading through so many of these posts, i don't feel so isolated and alone anymore.

I would like to share my story. Maybe there are some things out there I haven't thought about that others can suggest and in sharing, maybe I can help someone else.

My story is Simple, I got pregnant 34 years ago when I was a teen. I had to marry the man. This turned into a family of 6 boys and a very hateful husband. I lived two lives. I had my children to look out for. I went to work, I took care of the boys. I built us a life while my husband required nothing more than to know I was bringing in the money and keeping the fridge full of beer and the bank account growing.
In 2003 I was diagnosed with cancer. This left me unable to work for almost 2 years. during this time, the kids and I had to fall back on my savings, then onto my 401k. A good thing came out of it, the mean hateful guy decided I wasn't worth anything anymore and left me. At this time I had lost everything, my homke, our cars, everything, but we had each other. 4 of the kids were older, 3 out of the house and another in a few months. the younger two were eleven and 14.
I met a man in 2005 who became a great friend. He helped me keep my chin up during the worst of times. In 2007 we started dating. For me that was an extremely large move. I have trust issues and low self esteem. He was so loving and caring and sweet. He eventually asked me to marry him and I did.
In 2009 I found out he was having an affair, he was seeing her while I was at work. I worked 12 hour days. I probably would have never found out, but she called the house one night and had the nerve to ask "Would you mind if Jared and I went out for some drinks tonight? I just broke up with my boyfriend and Jared is so good at listening." I didn't answer so she continued on to ask if I would mind babysitting her 2 year old daughter. I was still speechless. At this point my husband realized I was sitting catching flys, staring at him and took the phone from me. Long story short, I left him. i wasn't going through that again.
I resigned from my job which I loved so much and moved out to MO from Boston. My son retired a disabled vet from the marines, and settled out there. The two younger boys and I ended up here.

Work here is scarce. We struggled off the tiny 401k I had built at my job, the older of the two graduated and went off to college.

My husband called and begged for a second chance. I was struggling so hard and not knowing anyone but my sons out here in such a remote area, I gave him that chance. He moved out here, and surprised me by bringing his mother along. We found a place they really liked. It was out in the country 45 miles from anything. My younger son asked to live in the city with his brother. Being 17 and on his last year of high school in the local college while taking his first year, I thought this would be better for him as well.
My life took a drastic turn here. for 9 months I was literally a prisoner in that home. I had to clean and cook for everyone. i didn't see people at all. Other than them

I could cry all day, but it's my fault, i took him back. On Valentines day this year, the "Loving " husband who worked in town 45 minutes away, came home early after stating he would be working late. He was in a very angry mood and started drinking. He and his mother were drinking buddies, so I just hid in our room with my cats. As the evening progressed, he became verbally abusive, then started taking pokes at me. Softly at first then really getting more painful. he is not a small man. 250 pounds versus my little size 8 body. I was beginning to feel the blows. He continued to drink and starting verbally getting extremely abusive, he said he was stood up on valentines day by some country hick bitch and the best had had to look forward to was me.
Shocked I started to cry now. My ex had taught me never to cry, I was strong in fighting off tears, but I started breaking down. All this time locked in this house, waiting on he and his mother hand and foot. My kids wouldn't call because she was so loud and abusive to them, I was so alone. He saw me crying and that was that. by the end of the night, his mother had had enough and called the police. The one that we had in the 15 square miles of 800 people. He came to take him to jail and she asked that they take me instead. "To protect me"
They did, I have never been back. I lost my photo albums with all my children pictures, my cats, my clothes everything I lost my life in there. My grandmothers things from 35 years before and just everything.

So I was in a shelter somewhere in south central Missouri. They called my children. My second oldest drove down from Kansas City and got me. he and his wife took me in while I get on my feet. but I cant get on my feet. i cant. I have looked for work in every single place in this town. I apply and bother them. Im a North easterner and that's a hurdle in its self with the area.

I have a part time job working 20 hours a week. I sleep in a laundry room. My son and his wife do what they can but they are struggling because she was laid off and they have 4 kids of their own.
I don't know anyone, I have no car. We are 1 hour north of Kansas city with no public transportation. I make less than $800 a month. I can't move I can't buy anything I can just help pay bills here and there. There is no full time work, well what there is the younger people are working. I am 50. I have been trying since Feb to get on my feet and I am not getting anywhere. I don't have anything, I don't have a cell phone I dont have a tv I don't have clothes except 4 pairs of pants from the shelter and 3 shirts. 2 pairs of underwear and 1 bra. 1 pair of shoes. I sit in a room and read day and night when I am not working. I work 19 hours a week and I love it. But Im so lost around people I feel so foreign. I don't know who i am. I cant go out to picnics or even shopping because I can't get around.
I feel like I'm just waiting to die. I don't live that's for sure. I can't I don't know how and who can with no income to do this.

I need someone who is willing to take a chance on a 50 year old washed up woman trying to start her life over without burdening anyone. That's all. A car so I can travel to the city and look for better work. Clothes to change into. Soap to wash them with. I'd love to feel good about myself, I just can't anymore. I can't. I once would have fought for my kids tooth and nail, but I can't even muster getting out of bed.

Please, just take a chance on me. I would love to help children with reading, or learning or elderly with company I would love to live again. I just need that break. I don't drink i don't smoke. I loved to garden to cook to have people over to visit and for dinner. I didn't liking hiding in a room ashamed, but I have nothing to be proud of.

Please, a junker car that runs, a little place to live, something to make me feel useful. with a car I can go help people with a place to live I am not in everyone's way taking up their space. Please.
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I am in the process of starting a Sickle Cell Foundation. One of the things I plan to do is to start a Caregiver Support Group for people who take care of young girls between the ages of 5 and 18 with the Sickle Cell Disease. Many people do not know much about this disease, some do not know it at all, and so do not know how to take care of a person with the disease so they end up getting a lot of stress and also depression. I have a lot of experience in taking care of people with the sickle cell disease so I greatly want to help other people. I want to create awareness about the sickle cell disease to the public.

It is very challenging to take care of people with the sickle cell disease if you are ignorant about the disease. I also see many children with this disease suffering a lot because their parents cannot afford proper medical care and I would like to help in any way I can.
I have contacted a number of organizations, some have been able to help with information and reading material.

I am kindly seeking for your help and assistance in any way you can, even if it is just referring me to any organization you think can help.
Thank You and God Bless

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Lind k   in reply to BaddCatt
I understand what you say in the first paragraph thoroughly, and I agree.
You have good suggestions . .however, if the only good TV shows are on cable, that's one less thing to look forward to in the evening. But I HEAR you - loud & clear!
I had been saving money but was in a serious car accident in April (still need to have more surgery). I don't have a car now & will have you use saved $ for down payment on car (unless I buy an old money pit).
Thanks for responding & for suggestions. I just have never lived anyplace where noise from neighbors hasn't been a problem . . NO ONE should have to live on top of other people . .it creates problems . .at least more insulation could be installed - but everything has to be so cheap!
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I need help I fell in Feb and broke my neck then surgery in may then a mild stroke in July my home is in foclosure sale date is set for Oct 16 the attorneys that are handling it says I have to come up with 6900.00 to get my loan current I only owe 22000.00 on it that is a little over 6 years is there any program out there that can helpme
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BaddCatt   in reply to Lind k
Hello Lind k

First and foremost - Be thankful for what you have. there are many, MANY people in MUCH worse situations than you.

Secondly - If you are that unhappy with your surroundings, that should be motivation enough for you to escape your predicament. Start looking into ways you can save money. Do yave have pay tv? (Cable or satellite) Get rid of it. Have a home phone? Drop it. Cell phone? Get the cheapest bill available. You can get it free or the most you should pay is $10 a month. Get by on as little food as you heathfully can. Got some bums always wanting something from you? Learn to say "NO"!!!! (That one's hard for me. But I've now learned to only help those who seem to want to help themselves.)

Now if you do these things, the money you save needs to be banked. When you save enough to put down a deposit on a more favorable apartment - Go for it.
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Lind k
I live in a subsidized housing complex in Michigan. The apartments are all ground level. The only insulation between apartments is a piece of plastic. The hot water heaters make an extremely loud noise (clunking and thumping). I have extreme anxiety. Why can't a lower income person ever live in a peaceful atmosphere?
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I am very concerned about Southampton Hospital eventual move west to establish a new "home" near the University Campus in Southampton. This makes people much more vulnerable to a possible death, especially in the summer months when traffic is super congested and population is at its height. If this is the long term plan, What we need is an emergency center based in East Hampton to service, Montauk, Amagansett and East Hampton individual, to stabilize the critical patient, then he or she can be transported to the new facility, further west then the current hospital, after he or she is stabilized. I and several people are concerned about this!
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Hi, my nane is Kathleen. LOL this kind of thing is a little forgien for me because I was raised in a strict Irish home,where feelings wern't talked about. So I am going out of my comfort zone by asking for help. At this point in my life I am starting to question alot of things,but I will continue to stay sted fast that the God of my understanding has a plan. So here it is...I'm pregnant and it is not plausable at this time in my life to parent another child, BUT I know there are sooo many couples out there that would make great parents and could inrich this child's life in so many ways I couldn't. As a 28yr ol adult parent that is hard to write. I worked as a flight Attendant, in 2010 I was bit by a tick and it debilitated my body. I suffered a cardiac arrest and a ACD was implanted. With this device I was forced to stop working due to altitude and retire with disability. I would not be able to finance this baby or some of the pregnancy but I believe in my heart of hearts this child belongs to someone who finds my story. Speaking on behalf of the one with a heart beat but cannot speak for themselves yet!
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My name is thomas lee..im41 yrs old and i have major medical conditions that prevent me from working..i am waiting to find out if i am eligible for ssdi but that can take months to years to hear medical conditions are ulcerative colitis,cirrhosis of the liver and possibly need a liver transplant,type 1 diabetic with neuropathy of the also anemic..i would really appeeciate some financial help to pay my basic monthly bills such as rent,car insurancae,cell phone,utility bill..i am adopted and have been supporting myself since i was 16 and i have no family to turn to for praying that someone will read this and find it in there heart to help me out..god bless

my email address is
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nick (legal name:nicholas) sto
Is there any help for me too get low income housing & services that I have a dire need for. This is life or death for me...Litterally!
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nick (legal name:nicholas) sto
My name is Nicholas Storey. Every since I was 7 I have been dealing w/traumatic events leaving me 'a broken mentally ill mess.' Every since than I have been sexually assaulted, stabb 3× and left for dead.I've been shunned, belittled, non-stop.I have even been let down by the 'judicial system' allowing these cruel acts too go unanswered for, making me feel even more useless & unworthy of anything ppl should experience reasonably 'descent' or just some agknowlegement of my existence. Iam literally dying, losing extreme weight due to lack of help or services I desperately need. I been turned down for everything I asked for & Ppl being cruel & spiteful too me has me 'scared & paralized' too even be around. No I deal w/many mental health issues & now iam stuck @ home dying & totally w/out goceries or any medical/mental health meds or services. No $ for transportation or to get low income housing to help save my life or live closer to help. I now weigh 152 lbs., & iam 5'-11" tall. I won't live much longer. My weight steadily depletes. "The world & ppl really treated me like unworthy discarded trash. I still deal w/ persecution, shunning by cruel ppl causing my own self persecution as well. I was assaulted by 4 guys the other day. They pushed 'n' shoved me calling me hateful names & stole my phone & ipod. "What do ppl want from me?" That's only part of the things that I delt w/since early childhood, but you get the idea. Thanx Nicholas Storey.
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I am a 31 year old mother of three boys, became a widow in Dec and trying to get back on our feet. When my husband passed away we lost everything and are now having to start over, in need of help in this time of grief things have really been hard, having to relocate due to his parents and family rejecting my children and I after the death of my husband, We had no life insurance. If anyone could possibly help it will be a true blessing
God Bless
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Congrats to the Perot Foundation for supporting Planned Parenthood at a time when Texas is totally letting down its people.
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Good Evening,

I am looking for GRANT MONEY!!! for women in need of a save place to live. I teach a sustainable fashion entrepreneur program. Unfortunately, I have come to harsh truth of homeless women. There are so many women with no where to live and with no family support. I have read some of the post on this site and it saddens me to read every one of their situation.

Even though my passion is helping women strive in business. A safe place to live is more important. Marrying my passion and the need of homeless women (mothers) in one.
A grant to fund a Sustainable Art shelter where women can have a place to live and learn what their passion in life is. Through this shelter women will have the opportunity to learn how to go back to school, business. non violent communication, arts and craft, sustainable living, finance, cleaning, cooking, and most important and chance to find and LOVE themselves.

Because Every Women Deserves it!!

Please visit my article

Please visit my site

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Dear Sir/madam,
I am a Liberian who is really advocating for people who are in needs of good health care in my community but I do not have the funds to meet the people's needs while the young and old are dying in the community from sickness and other poor health condition.
In this light, I am kindly asking you to help me build a clinic for them in order to give them good health care.
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Hello, hi I'm writing because I need help! I am unemployed and homeless. I just lost my job today car has been repo and I don't having any money or any family to help me. The sad things is I just started school last month for Esthetics to further my career and all this has just happened so it you are reading please please.... will you help me to get on my feet and I will be more than happy when I am able to pay it forward. God Bless! 214-846-4722
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Can i get some help here?Is this site working?
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